Comets Basketball Teams Represent “Oneness”, which is the Quality of being One; Singleness; Unity; Sameness; Agreement; Concord; Unity of Thought, Feeling, Belief and Aim.  The Comets Basketball invite all girls and boys basketball players between the grades of 3rd – 12th to join our organization.  Click here to watch Comets Basketball video!

Comets Basketball Coaches:  This organization seeks out coaches who have a firm grip of basketball fundamentals, competitive coaching experience for tournament play, and the ability to instruct student athletes to enhance their awareness of the game.   Our coaches clearly understand that the Tallahassee Comets is not about making star basketball players, although we do have gifted individual players, it must never be to the detriment of the team or the program.

The goal of Comets Basketball coaches is to take 10-12 players who are serious about basketball and help them find ways to have fun, compete, learn, develop, be challenged, work hard, and grow to be as good as they want to be.  The volunteer coaches are devoted to the fundamentals of basketball.  This program emphasizes defense, ball handling, shooting, transition, teamwork, passing, footwork, and really becoming complete basketball players.  All coaches in our program are coaching because of their love of the game and because of the positive learning environment we provide for the kids.

Developmental Program:  Comets players are committed to developing their skills in order to play competitively and with the goal of being placed on an exposure team.  These teams will play YBOA tournament events and will spend quality time working on fundamentals and preparing to excel at a higher level of competition.  Each of these teams will be composed of 10-12 players that have gone through an orientation and workout session in the winter.  The purpose of the developmental program is to provide instruction beyond what is available at a recreational level.  The emphasis is on teaching the best fundamentals possible.

Exposure Program: The Exposure Teams consist of Comets players with advanced skills who have committed to becoming the best basketball players possible.  These student-athletes are working towards becoming better high school basketball players with the dream and goal of playing at the college level.  These student-athletes are standout players in the North Florida/South Georgia area and who play a longer season because they want to develop their skills beyond what is available within their individual communities.  Each of these teams will be composed of 10-12 players that have gone through an orientation and workout session in the winter.  Once a roster position has been offered and accepted, the Comets program will remain committed to that student-athlete until the player has moved on to the next level.  Comets Basketball works hard to promote the Comets message to its student-athletes.  Careful consideration is given to assigning student-athletes on teams to ensure that the player is placed on the team that best fits that player’s individual skill level, to cultivate growth, and to maximize playing time.

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